Vampire Hair Restoration®

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration For Women and Men

Hair loss is a very common and frustrating problem for both men and women. As you age, thinning hair can be a discouraging problem. There’s an encouraging and surprising natural solution… PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. Now we can stimulate natural hair growth with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

The Vampire Hair Restoration® procedure works equally well for both women and men! No more receding, thinning or bald spots. We offer a simple outpatient procedure that requires less than one hour from start to finish with improved hair growth that can be measured in weeks.

  • Simple outpatient procedure
  • Requires less than one hour from start to finish
  • Improved hair growth can be measured in weeks

What is Vampire® Hair Restoration?

Vampire Hair Restoration® is a breakthrough new non-surgical hair rejuvenation treatment. It works by harnessing the power of your body’s platelet-rich-plasma to stimulate hair growth and restore your hair. You may need to undergo multiple sessions to receive the best results from this treatment.

How Does Vampire® Hair Restoration Work?

Vampire® Hair Restoration uses your body’s natural process of healing to restore hair growth. Like other Vampire® treatments, the process of Vampire® Hair Restoration centers around using your body’s platelet-rich-plasma, or PRP. Platelet-rich-plasma is so effective at restoring lost hair because it contains a number of growth factors that stimulate healing and growth. During treatment, PRP is taken from the body and injected it back into the scalp.

What is Treatment Like?

Typically, each session of Vampire® Hair Restoration takes about an hour to complete. Treatment begins with the extraction of a small amount of blood from your body. This blood is then processed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich-plasma from the red blood cells. Once this process is complete, local anesthetics are injected into the scalp, numbing the area. As soon as the scalp is properly prepared, PRP is carefully injected into several areas, with a concentration on areas with the most balding.

One of the greatest strengths of Vampire Hair Restoration® is it’s virtually non-existent recovery time: there is absolutely no downtime, so patients can return to the comfort of their homes as soon as treatment is over.

Who is not a Candidate for Vampire® Hair Restoration?

Anyone interested in undergoing this therapy is required to schedule a consultation beforehand. While this procedure is safe for almost anyone, it is not ideal for people with certain health conditions. If you have a history of heavy smoking, drug and alcohol use, or blood disorders, you may not be able to undergo this therapy.
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